r. llw 1 Pimentee den. 41..., idol. 3% F i w l JOHN "WELLIABI $3319.1 0'5 EDMONTON, ALBEPITA, CANADA, ASSIGNOR OF FORTY PER CENT TO GEQIRGE FREDERIGK MOHLDIAN, OF EDMONTON, CANADA. VARNISH. No Drawing. To all whom-it 7w. Be it, known that l, Jenn WILLIAM Snnrn, 11. subject of the King of Great, Britain, and residing at the city of Edniontoi'i, in the Province of Alherta, in the Dominion of Canada, have invented a new and useful lm provement in varnishes, of which the followi g is the specification. The object of my invention is the production of a varnish that can he applied a covering over any painted or unpainted wood or iron work or other material, acting; as a preservative and making them inipervious to the weather or other destructiv. agents. 'My composition consists of the following ingredients, mixed in the quantities ap proximately as shown. For one quartz-dive ounces of clear oellir loid, two drams of spirits of eamphor, ten ounces of methylated spirits, thirty ounces of acetone and from one to one and a halt drams of "domestic castor oil. The ingredients in this formula will produce a clear, colorless and transparent varnish, that will withstand the severest weather. It 'is Wnterprool', air-proof and acid-proof and will resist the penetrating powers of muriatic aeiihrilso sulphuric av-id to the strength as used in storage batteries and accumulators. it will prevent the acid rt-coping from the batteries of an automoliile, alone the channel of the chassis to the body worlnwpnsh would destroy the paint and varnish and hasten corrosion. epplieation filed April 16, 1923. Serial No. 632,526. enamel, being washable without destroying" its lustre. It can also he used as a varnish for oil paintings, photographs, etc, acting as a preservative. it forms a good covering, for buildings, bridges and other structures of wood, iron or steel, keeping the weather and chemical laden air from attacking and rotting them. It is crystal clear, closely adherent, and flexible, and can be washed with hot water or strong washing ((llflllfllfidS, such as ,zunnionia, without the slightest injury to the lustre or surface. \Vhat I claim as my invention is: The combination of the following ingredients mixed in suitable proportions as specifiedz-cleur celluloid. spirits of eznnphor, methylated spirits. acetone and domestic. castor oil. Signed atv the city of Edmonton, this 4th day of April, 1923. JON? W'HililAh'l SNAPE. [us] In the presence of- GL'anYs CUFF, J. J. Douon'em'v.



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