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Dec. 18 1923. J. F. c. LYNCH WALL CONSTRUCTION Filed 001'.. 23. 1919 INVENTOR Mwm BY Waw Patented Dec. i8, 192.3. tlltll@ STATES JAMES F. C. LYNCH, 0F SIOUX CTY, EOWA. WALL CONSTRUCTGN. Application filed ctober 23, To all whom t may concerne: Be it known that I, Janus F. C. LYNCH, a citizen et the United States, and a resident et SiouxY Cit-y, in the county orp TWoodbury and State of iowa, have invented certain new and useful improvements in @Vall Constructions, which the following` is a specie ication. The primary objects oi my present invention are: First, the production ott a wall or ceiling1 embodying adjacent plastic coats between which there is no natural bond and material interposed between the coats to which such coats firmly adhere or bond and which permits an unequal expansion and contraction of the coating materials without evil results; second, the production in such construction or process wherein the material interposed between the coats, serves not only as a perfect bond between the materials, but also renders the construction moisture proof and 'rost proof. Much ditticulty has been encountered in the production of a suitable bond tor such construction which will permit unequal cX- pansion and contraction of the materials and which will render the structure frost proof und moisture proof. As far asl l am aware, none oi' the bonds previously7 presented, are practical. and satisfactory. l have att. A.ied the above and other objects and advantages, all of which will be readily understand and appreciated from the following' disclosure, reference being had to the accompanying drawing, which forms a part of this application and which is a fragmentary vertical section 0I a wall constructed in accordance with the invention. 1919. Svcral No. 332,509. In the embodiment illustrated, l, is the plastic coat, the support for which may consist or" the lath, 2, carried by studding, 3. The said plastic. coat consists of gypsum plaster, so-called patent plaster., or any hardsetting plaster. After the plaster is applied and while it is in a plastic state, l apply thereto a ibrous sheet, preferably tarred paper, el, and .to the outer surface of said sheet, l apply the coat et cement, 5. @ther tari-ed sheets may serve successfully as a bond, but l prefer the use ot tarred paper, as it serves as a perfect bond und is impervious to moisture and a non-conductor o' heat and cold. The cement` coating provides a hard, waterproof and weatherproof surface adapted to receiye a variety o1 finishes, and perfectly bonded to the plaster, and also providing a wall construction the cost of which is considerably less than when entirely composed of cement. Another advantage which arises from the invention, is the tact that an impervious and frost proof plaster wall may be constructed by interposing between layers of plaster, the tarred sheet. Having thus described my invention, what l claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent ol the United States, is,- consl'uruction coirfprising,` a layer ot plaster, a layer ot' cement. and tarrcd paper interposed between the layers. In testimony whereot l have hereunto set my hand this 8th day of September, 1919. JAMES l. C. LYNCH.



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