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1,475,410. B. I. VRIKE I CLOTHES BAG Filed June 2. 1921 3 Sheets-Sheet l INVVENTOR v ATTORNEY I. RIKE CLOTHES BAG Nov. 27 1923. Filed June 2, 1921 s sheets-sheet 2 INVENTOR @Mond M ATTORNEY Nov. 2-51923. 1,415,410 B. l. RlKE cLoTHE's BAG Filed June'2. 1921 SShoo'ts-Sheet a containing clothes. Patented Nov. 27, 1923. UNITED srarss PATENT ca CE; BERTON I. BIKE, or DAYTON,OHIO,QA.SSIG1\TOR TO THE BIKE FOLDING BOX. COMPANY, or DAYTON, OHIO, A. CORPORATION or OHIO. CLOTHES BAG. Application filed June 2,1921. Serial No. 474,341. citizen of the United States, residing. at Dayton, in the county of Montgomery and State of Ohio, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Clothes Bags, of which the following is a SPBOIfiCtItlOII, reference being had therein to the accompanying drawing. 5 My invention relates to receptacles and in particular to paper or fiber receptacles for It is the ect of my invention to provide a clothes bag that may be completely sealedto prevent the ent-rancerof moth r dirt to attack clothes contained within the bag. It is my object to provide a bag in which the clothes upon a clothes hanger may be in-' serted or removed without disturbing the bag or disturbing its being sealed or unsealed. It is a further object to provide a bag which when sealed may be locked in sealed position. It is my object to provide a bag which will be susceptible of being sealed doubly and then locked in sealed position or unlocked at the will of the user. It is my object to provide a'bag which may be folded when not in use in a small compass so that it may be put in a traveling case or otherwise transported conveniently and economically. Referring to the drawings: Fig. 1 is a perspective of the top of the bag with a hanger in place, the bag being unsealed Fig. 2 is a. plan view of the bag showing the lines along which it may be folded; Fig. 3 is an interior view looking outwardly and the specific method of inserting the hanger in the bag; Fig. 4 is a similar View from the exterior of the bag; Fig. 5 is a section on the line 5-5 of Figure 2; Fig. 6 is a section on the line 5-5 of Fig ure 2 when the bag is sealed. Fig. 7 1s a perspective of the top of the bag with a modified form of seahng members. Fig. 8 is a horizontal section of one enda bag sealed at the bottom 2 and on the sides 7 3-3. It is openat the mouth l, About the mouth 1 are-certain reinforcing and folding strips arranged as follows. On the front is a reinforcing strip-6 and on the rear a corresponding strip 21 which may be integral with one another joined at the ends or separatestrips. That is immaterial. Joined to 6 and hinged thereto atS is a folding and reinforcing strip 5 that is integrally connected at the ends thereof to a rear folding and reinforcing strip 7 22. Hinged to'22 at 10 is 'a folding strip 9. 21 and 22 are hinged together along the line 23. Just above the line'23 is an aperture 11 that is connected to '21 slot 12 which severs 22 and 9 so that the shaft 13 of a hanger may be inserted therein. To the, hanger at the bottom of the shaftis a transverse member 15 for supportingthe clothes and at the outer end thereof a hook 14. Referring to Figure 2, there will be seen creases 1717 and creases 18-18 in the forward and rear reinforcing and folding members respectively. These creases are inserted for the purpose of folding the bag when empty along the dot-ted lines 19 so that the bag will take the shape of a square or rectangle, such as 20 for convenient insertion into a travelingbag. Referring to Figures 7 and 8, there will be seen attached to 9 a flap 2 and a metal reinforcing member 25. The flaps 22 and5 are held together by the overlapping flaps 26 and the reinforcing members 21 and 6 are held together by the flaps 27 at their ends. The bag when folded is folded as described above, with the addition of the end flaps 2% with their metal reinforcing mem hers being turned back upon the folded portionsto lock the ends. Met/z 0d 0 f operation. The clothes are hung upon the hanger and bag is then drawn together and the rear sealing member 9 turned over and upon the forward reinforcing member 5. Then 5 and 9 as a unit, together with 22, fold over upon 6. See in particular sections shown in Fig ures 5 and 6. The metal clamping members 7 that are fastened between the bag proper and 6 are turned over upon tlie'folde'd sections and clamped thereon to retain the folded sections in position. It will be thusapparent that there is a" the bottom and sidesw'ith" an open mouth, means for insertio'n throi'igh a portion of the edge of the mouth of a hanger, reinforcingfmeans adjacent the big mouth partially cut; away at spacedintervals to permit of folding, means to seal the end of said bag with the hanger therein by folding over upon itself said reinforcing means; and means to permit o-f th'e; bag when empty to be folded upon; itself into a package of I smaller area than its greatest dimensions open mouth, a first reinforcing and folding along, the line of the cut away portions in the reinforcing means. 2. In a clothes bag comprising a recepitacle'w'ith a sealed bottom and sides and an band" attached to one face of the receptacle at its mouth and projecting beyond the rece'ptacle a second reinforcing and folding band attached to the other face of the receptacle and projecting beyond the said first band, a tab formed integrally Withsa'id secof said stiffened tabs, and thereupon such folded portion refolded" and secured by sa id clamping member. 3. In a. clothes bag comprising a receptacle with sealed bottom and'sides" and an open mouth, a reinforcing and folding band attached to one face of the receptacle at its mouth and projectingbeyond the receptacle and having the portion thereof at one face of the receptacle projeetingbeyond the pornon at the other face of the receptacle, said projecting" portion being adapted to fold over the portion of the band" at the other face to close themouth slit; and the folded portion thus formed being adapted to be refolded to close the corner openings In testimony whereof, I afliX my signature. BERToN- Ii BIKE.



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