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US-9863591-B2: Lighting fixture with replaceable light engine patent, US-9864319-B2: Image forming apparatus patent, US-9875514-B2: System and methods for managing patients and services patent, US-9887180-B2: Method for producing a semiconductor component and a semiconductor component patent, US-RE31585-E: Long time exposure preventing device for camera with electronic flash patent, US-RE31677-E: Process for recovery of carbonaceous materials from subterranean deposits patent, US-RE37755-E: Interpolation method for binary image patent, US-8583130-B2: Resource management for a mobile telephone terminal patent, US-8587265-B2: Control circuit for DC-DC converter, DC-DC converter, and method for controlling DC-DC converter patent, US-8628802-B2: Continuous process for microspheres production by using expanded fluids patent, US-8652097-B2: Systems and methods for combining materials patent, US-8699893-B2: Image forming apparatus and image forming control method which calculates a remaining lifetime patent, US-8718954-B2: Process for operating a gas sampling device for colorimetric gas analysis patent, US-8731462-B2: Apparatus for measuring radio relay channel and method thereof patent, US-8742653-B2: Spark plug and metal shell for spark plug patent, US-8745563-B2: Computationally efficient modeling and simulation of large scale systems patent, US-8796905-B2: Motor device, method of manufacturing motor device, and robot device patent, US-8805909-B2: Method and device for perfectly incoherent sampling to a Haar domain patent, US-8810562-B2: Hierarchical lossless compression patent, US-8849427-B2: Jog push button patent, US-8850104-B2: Independent management of data and parity logical block addresses patent, US-8878566-B2: Reconfigurable circuit patent, US-8920787-B2: Mascara containing an aqueous dispersion of polyurethane and an acrylic film former patent, US-8930419-B2: Write instruction datasource for database write procedure patent, US-8937746-B2: Color conversion for rendering devices involving improved gamut mapping patent, US-8959056-B1: Method and apparatus for evaluating a backup policy in a computer network patent, US-8963946-B2: Non-real-time dither using a programmable matrix patent, US-8981856-B1: High frequency precision oscillators having stable temperature characteristics patent, US-8984195-B2: Microcontroller including alternative links between peripherals for resource sharing patent, US-9031009-B2: Transmitting/receiving device, wireless terminal device and wireless communication method for suppression of intra-system interference patent, US-9053680-B2: Neighbor mapping systems and methods patent, US-9055249-B2: CMOS image sensor with built in correction for column failure patent, US-9061637-B1: Hybrid crash box for vehicle patent, US-9066425-B2: Method of manufacturing a patterned transparent conductor patent, US-9079204-B1: Showerhead cleaning adapter patent, US-9100239-B2: Information processing system, portable information processing apparatus, and information processing method patent, US-9113322-B2: Machine-type communication subscription control patent, US-9114806-B2: System and method for controlling battery power based on predicted battery energy usage patent, US-9126969-B2: Pyrazolylbenzimidazole derivatives, compositions containing them and use thereof patent, US-9141018-B2: Charging member, charging device, process cartridge, image forming apparatus, and method of manufacturing charging member patent, US-9153890-B2: Singulated elastomer electrical contactor for high performance interconnect systems and method for the same patent, US-9166274-B2: Standardised monopole strengthening patent, US-9188713-B2: Light reflective substrate and light emitting device using the same patent, US-9206841-B2: Rolling bearing comprising a housing having two parts and method of manufacturing such a bearing patent, US-9216029-B1: Surgical forceps patent, US-9221996-B2: Process for repairing road surfacing systems, in particular for open-pore asphalts patent, US-9234782-B2: Volume dimensioning system and method employing time-of-flight camera patent, US-9240818-B2: Self protect for shared access systems patent, US-9246519-B2: Test pattern optimization for LDPC based flawscan patent, US-9254998-B2: MEMS device with a capping substrate patent, US-9285882-B2: Haptic feedback device patent, US-9299397-B2: Reducing the power consumption of memory devices utilizing data transition detection patent, US-9322463-B2: Hydrokinetic torque coupling device with centered lock-up clutch friction disc, and method for assembling the same patent, US-9324730-B2: Vertical memory devices and methods of manufacturing the same patent, US-9330219-B2: Integrated circuit design method patent, US-9342841-B2: System and method for dynamic price setting and facilitation of commercial transactions patent, US-9343812-B2: Communication device and antenna element therein patent, US-9391612-B2: Output circuit for semiconductor device, semiconductor device having output circuit, and method of adjusting characteristics of output circuit patent, US-9409766-B2: MEMS package structure and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-9418141-B2: Systems and methods for providing a multi-function search box for creating word pages patent, US-9470091-B2: Blade group arrangement as well as turbomachine patent, US-9475163-B1: Lathe with automatic cross feeding and retraction functions patent, US-9529979-B2: Providing content items from alternate sources patent, US-9541068-B2: Method, prefabricated structural element and mold for making a wind turbine member patent, US-9544378-B2: Correlation of activities across a distributed system patent, US-9559047-B2: Passive component as thermal capacitance and heat sink patent, US-9576684-B1: Semiconductor device and device for a semiconductor device patent, US-9580081-B2: Gaze driven interaction for a vehicle patent, US-9581867-B2: Display panel having a plurality of pixel electrode bars with different spacing patent, US-9639440-B2: Authentication in a data layered architecture network patent, US-9640197-B1: Extraction of target speeches patent, US-9647289-B1: Unit for glucose depletion patent, US-9667265-B2: Method of forming an amplifier and structure therefor patent, US-9712494-B2: Method and system for sending a message through a secure connection patent, US-9715019-B2: Determining a relative position between devices patent, US-9716308-B2: Wideband multi-function phased array antenna aperture patent, US-9724484-B2: Breathing apparatus and method of use patent, US-9748315-B2: Flexible display device and method of fabricating the same patent, US-9749447-B2: Distributed Process Framework patent, US-9756997-B2: Robotic vacuum cleaner comprising at least one side arm patent, US-9776729-B2: Method and system for automatically estimating at least one speed of an aircraft patent, US-9782792-B2: Method and apparatus for adding dry colorant to landscape mulch fiber patent, US-9794816-B2: User equipment reallocation between nodes patent, US-9795011-B2: LED lighting system driven at high voltage DC patent, US-9803948-B2: Trigger emulation mechanism of electric gun patent, US-9815161-B2: Backlash automatic detection system for machine tool and method using the same patent, US-9832783-B2: Selecting first or second subscriber identity module based on priority patent, US-9837045-B2: Device and method for color adjustment and gamma correction and display panel driver using the same patent, US-9839994-B1: Razor conditioning system patent, US-9846853-B2: System and method for providing products from multiple websites patent, US-9847117-B1: Dynamic reference voltage determination patent, US-9857117-B2: Ice maker patent, US-9860789-B2: Load balancing for a cloud-based wi-fi controller based on local conditions patent, US-9881343-B2: Systems and methods for performing updates in a distributed environment patent, US-9888211-B1: Replacing live video of a meeting participant with recorded video of the meeting participant during an online meeting patent, US-RE32780-E: Core material for an automobile bumper patent, US-RE35377-E: Process and apparatus for the production of methanol from condensed carbonaceous material patent, US-8587781-B2: View-finder in ellipsometer or the like systems patent, US-8605664-B2: Adaptive modulation and coding in a SC-FDMA system patent, US-8619099-B2: Display device with orientation recognition unit patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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